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November 24, 2014 / blissmarket


CONNECTEDspaces_MAP02 CONNECTEDspaces_MAP01 Yonesaki_CommunityHall YONESAKI_Community YasegawaShop2 YagesawaShop WaiWai_Restaurant Rikuzentakata_City_Library2 Mauis_Restaurant1 HikaraGohan1 Genki_Village_1 Bricks808_2 Bricks808_1 Rikuzentakata_City_Library


Jaime Jesus C. Pacena II / PHILIPPINES



This video shows a first person point-of-view of the artist as he explores different spaces and places in Rikuzentakata City.

Going through doors upon doors of restaurants, shops, public spaces, temporary homes, bathroom, toilets

and portalets, accommodation, construction place and traces of the tsunami incident. The artist hopes to connect all these

places together, breaking the idea of distance and inviting the people of Rikuzentakata to be a part of this one continuous

journey of connection and co-existence.


*This video was shown in 8 different spaces in Rikuzentakata City

1. Waiwai Restaurant, Osumitsudoinooka Market Place, Takata-Cho

2. Yagisawa Shop, Kesen-Cho

3. Bricks.808, Mirai Market Place, Takekoma-Cho

4. Mauis Restaurant, Takekoma-Cho

5. Yonesaki Cummunity Hall, Yonesaki-Cho

6. Rikuzentakata City Library, Takekoma-Cho

7. Haikara Gohan, Yonesaki-Cho

8. Nagahora Village, Hirota-Cho

Spaces featured in this video:
Mauis Hotel
Rikuzentakata City Library
Teiichi Sato’s Seed Shop
Takata Driving School
Genki Village
Hikara Gohan
Naskashi-Mirai Soso
Lodge Hotel
Gymnastic Hall/Soccer field
Wai Wai Restaurant
Construction Company Temporary Space
Temporary Residence with Coffee House
Udon Place
Hikami Taikan Practice Place
Construction Area
Abe-san’s Temporary Residence
Mauis Restaurant
Futamata Bathroom
Family Mart
Kono’s Greenhouse near Apple Road & Hikara Gohan
Chinese Restaurant
Tapic 45
Soya Shop
Naoshi Sato’s House
Apartment Ruins
Miracle Pine Tree

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