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February 6, 2014 / blissmarket



One of the music video projects I did for  Aristotle Pollisco also known as the rapper Gloc-9 featuring Billy Crawford., both highly respected recording artists in the Philippines. In collaboration with Edrie Myrick Beltran Ocampo as the Director of Photography, Jocelyn Jessa Ramos as my trusted Art Director who helped me gather all the images we need for this Video.
This video is directly inspired from the old school cut out collage, especially the “leave me alone” mv of the Late Michael Jackson who has been a great influence to me as well.
This video is not a direct interpretation of the song. This represents how distorted sometimes our knowledge on our own history that our present somehow is a reflection of how we see our past and how we represent ourself as a Filipino.
My deepest gratitude to Universal Records, Thea Gomez Pollisco, Sean and Shaun (Twins), Denise Barbacena, Billy, Jasper, Enan and Archie and TeamGloc-9. Cheers!

Directed, Edited, Composited and Colored by me, J.Pacena II (Cheers!)

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