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September 11, 2011 / blissmarket

Japan Research Trip August 2011_Part01

Research Trip last August 2011 (Japan)

Sponsored by Asahi Art Festival Worldwide Network Travel Study Tour 2011.

Tokyo > Fukushima > Minamisanriku > Sendai > Aomori > Kareizawa > Hachinohe > Tokyo

I also visited Yokohama for the ‘Our Magic Hour: Yokohama Triennale’

and ‘Koganecho Art Project’ that includes a good friend of mine, Mark Salvatus.

This trip was a way to connect Asian countries and try to re-evaluate the role of Art to the society and how Art can help rehabilitate the affected communities in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami tragedy and the future disasters to come.

From this tour, seven individuals participated including artists and art workers that represents their affiliations and organizations, namely Kim Kang of Space Lab39:Mullae Artist Village in Korea, Indra Ameng of Ruangrupa in Indonesia, Bani Haykal of The Substation in Singapore, Phaponsak Lo-Ar of Land Foundation in Thailand, Lee Chun Fung of Woofer Ten in Hong Kong, Lew Pik-Svonn of Project Chow Kit Kita in Malaysia and me for this project Bliss Market and as core member of Tutok Artist Collective.

Part of the Tour was an International Conference that hosted 2 symposiums.

AAF Global Network Project International Conferences 

“Pioneer the Future with the Power of Culture

– Spirit of Tohoku, Voices of Asia – ”

The AAF is a nationwide network of arts projects whose initiatives are taken by local citizens, to cultivate and rejuvenate community’s future by connecting art and society across Japan. To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, AAF organizes the AAF Global Network Project, inviting creative leaders from seven Asian countries, to hold a study tour to build a network with Tohoku-based arts projects.

The tour includes two international conferences held in Hachinohe and Tokyo, in which the delegates and participants discuss a vision for the rebuilding of society with the power of culture.

International Conference in Hachinohe (co-organised with Hachinohe Potal Museum “hacchi”)

– Building a New Community –

Held August 19 15:00-19:00

Marking our 10th anniversary this year, the AAF has launched an initiative to establish a new global network. For the first stage of the project we have invited seven cultural leaders from Asia and will be taking them on a tour to our partner organisations in Tohoku. At the end of the tour in Hachinohe, the leaders will give presentations on the diverse activities and projects of their representing organizations at home. In response, they will be introduced to the diversity of Hachinohe’s proud culture and arts projects run by local people who are working for the future of their community. The conference aims at sharing information beyond borders and fostering mutual understanding while discussing the building of a new community.

*The conference was broadcasted live over the internet via Ustream.

International Conference in Tokyo (co-organized with the Japan Foundation) – Potential of New Global Network –

Held August 21 

What did young Asian cultural leaders witness in Tohoku region where people started to take a step forward calmly yet firmly? At the conference, they will be reporting what they have seen and dialogue with arts practitioners in Tohoku, to share the story with people around the world through Ustream. After the report, 3 agendas will be discussed with participants of the conference: “Creative Society”, “Role of Art Center” and “Value”.

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Other Participants and Organizational committee of this tour:

Yasuko OGIWARA:AAF Executive Committee (Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan)

Hiroshi HASE:AAF Executive Committee (P3 Art and Environment)

Sadayuki HIGUCHI: AAF World Network Project Secretaruat(Art NPO Link)

Teiko HINUMA: AAF World Network Project Secretaruat(Joshibi University of Art and Design)

Yuko ISHIWATA:AAF Executive Committee

Taneo KATO:Asahi Beer Arts Foundation

Megumi KAWAMURA:Asahi Group Holdings

Atsuko KIKUCHI: AAF World Network Project Secretaruat (Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan)

Hitomi MATSUMOTO:AAF Executive Committee (P3 Art and Environment)

Madoka MATSUKI:Asahi Beer Arts Foudation

Sasana NEMOTO:AAF World Network Project Secretaruat (Asahi Brewery )

Takashi SERIZAWA:AAF Executive Committee (P3 Art and Environment)

Hisashi SHIBATA:AAF Executive Committee

Naomi SHIBATA:AAF Executive Committee

Eiko SHIMIZU:AAF Executive Committee

Yukiko SUGANO:The Japan Foundation

Hiroaki TOMONO:Asahi Breweries Ltd.


Mio YACHITA:The Japan Foundation


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