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October 2, 2010 / blissmarket

FUJI Hiroshi’s Timeline

It is very inspiring to see artists working on ideas, simple yet very effective in terms of engaging audiences on how tor help make our world a cleaner and greener environment to live in. Fuji Hiroshi’s work primarily deals with recycling materials. Even during his younger age, you will see his passion in creating works not usually seen inside galleries or museums, works that invites people to participate or engage in thinking. Fuji-san’s “timeline” of his works was exhibited at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) last summer as part of the platform 2 exhibition of ACAC together with Takamine Tadasu and Koyamada Toru, under the curator Hinuma Teiko. Fuji-san’s work here deals with recollecting his works from the past to his most recent project witch involves recycling of the Nebuta Float. The float he chose was coincidentally captured and featured on my video of the Nebuta festival in Aomori.

Part of his process during his stay in ACAC as one of the resident artist,was to research the Nebuta Festival, the culture, the customs and the way these floats are made and destroyed every year. So he decided to use the destroyed float as his main material this time. But it’s not as easy as it sound, because it involved a lot of permission, and process before they get the trashed materials after. Also, considering that if the Nebuta Float he chosed was awarded as a winner, then he wont be able to get the materials because the float itself will be preserved. Unfortunately for the creators of the float, they didn’t won and good thing for Fuji-san, he got his materials. 🙂

From this materials, Gallery visitors can make use of the materials and create their own works. Fuji-san, known from his massive toy sculptures of dinosaurs and birds also created similar shapes using the Nebuta Materials.

for more info about him… please check out this site.

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