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September 30, 2010 / blissmarket


Koyamada Toru is one of the Japanese artist that I have met and talked to and lived with during my stay at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre. His works primarily deals with space… converting spaces into a venue of connections and engaged dialogues. Now he is more fascinated with archeological objects, like stones, artifacts and the experience of finding these god-made objects and showing it to the public, not as his own work but someone who re-discovered these objects. On his project at ACAC, he installed his mobile station at the Main Gallery and placed two tables where his Son, Toki (7 years old) and his lovely daughter Kazuki (1 yr old and 8 months) and other visitors can enjoy the process of creation, using found objects and materials from Fuji Hiroshi’s work from the Nebuta float and create installations. Aside from the mobile station, he also presented his drawings of found artifacts and stones and the actual stones he had gathered from his different trips and adventures.

Koyamada-san is also a teacher at Kyoto, and his wife Mihoko does sewing and manages a cafe and restaurant called “Sibayo” at Kyoto and Takamatsu that mainly serves organic food and products.

Koyamada-san’s Installation work was part of the Platform 2 exhibition at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) last Summer with Takamine-san and Fuji-san. Handled by one of ACAC’s Curator, HINUMA Teiko.

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