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September 17, 2010 / blissmarket


The “Free House” Project by TAKAMINE Tadasu was part of the Platform 2 Exhibition of the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre this year’s summer season, together with 2 other Japanese Artists, KOYAMADA Toru and FUJI Hiroshi.  The Tree House (free house) was built on the vicinity of Aomori Public College and Aomori Contemporary Art Centre. It started last July and was finished after 3 weeks of careful planning, hard work and creative meditation. “Free House” is like a space free for all, an idea that was shared by the artist among the ones he involved in this creation. The notion of building connections, building a central force and making art accessible and fun to experience. The central root is the foundation, pulling all the energies towards the center, a gravitational pull that concentrates on the main central nerve of this project. It does signify a dying root, but for the artist it also signifies the freedom, the image of the floating house that maybe once was on the ground.

The ladder is the bridge, the pathway from the ground to enter the house, as it leads you to another bridge to the triangular deck, a mini space, an area of isolation or  reflection as your eyes wonder among the tall trees waiting for a dialogue.

Inside the house are photographs, images of simple objects put together. Details of a suggested structure that for the viewer will be a total mystery. But reflecting on it deeply, these images are symbols of a home. Particularly a playhouse made by the Artist’s family… his Daughters and Wife.

FREE HOUSE by TAKAMINE Tadasu (2010)

Platform 2 exhibition

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

Curator: HINUMA Teiko

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