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August 30, 2010 / blissmarket

Osaka Trip

After Aichi Triennale, I went to Osaka last August 21 to see the Tabaimo Exhibition and Yokoo Tadanori’s Exhibition of Posters. The trip was all worth it. 🙂

I left Nagoya at around 11AM and went straight to Osaka just to see the exhibition at National Museum of Art Osaka. When I arrived at the station, I went looking for a coin locker where I can put my heavy bags so that I can roam around the city with ease. Osaka is quite different from Tokyo, maybe because I came on a weekend that the streets are not too busy or maybe I am just on the side of Osaka where it is not too crazy like Tokyo’s Shinjuku, Akihabara, Shibuya or even Roponggi. Well I am not sure. 😉

National Museum of Art Osaka’s architectural structure is very interesting, the museum itself is located underground.  From the outside it looks like just a sculptural piece, then going inside you will see a very wide space of multi layers of floors that comprises the exhibition spaces, lobby, museum office and museum shop. There I met with one of the Curators of National Museum of Art Osaka, Azusa Hashimoto and showed me around the Museum and gave me a free pass and a Tabaimo book. 🙂  I met Azusa-san previously at the Japan Foundation and we will be working on a future project for the Japan Foundation this coming 2011 and 2012. (Thanks again Azusa-san!)

Please visit their website here for more details…

I first saw the exhibition of the complete posters of Tadanori Yokoo. Around 800 plus posters from different times since he started doing his Poster Art. I can say that Yokoo-san is a very creative Graphic Designer and Painter. I was really impressed how he did his works back then and how he conceptualized his works. It was really a design overload, yet very tastefully done. I also like how NMAO did a great job by putting together his works. I can imagine that it would really be a challenge to put up 800 Posters and individually, has a very strong imagery. I can say I am now a fan of Yokoo-san’s work.

After that I went to see another exhibition of works in NMAO which is Danmen by Tabaimo. Tabaimo’s work has a certain calmness and at the same time strangeness on how she put together her images and added some sound to it. I am very much inspired on how she wanted her animations to be viewed and experienced. It is very different from the usual box-type feel of viewing an animation or video.  I also give credit to how the exhibition was planned and executed. A must see exhibition… definitely.

After my NMAO experience, I went to Graf and then just roam around the city again. I saw some artworks displayed at the subway, it was nice to see how art in Japan tries to connect with the daily lives of the society in Japan. Some say its purely for uplifting the spirits of Japanese people… and I say there is nothing wrong  with being positive and trying to make a connection between art and society in anyway. In the evening I went to a friend’s house and spent the rest of the evening there watching an Animation by Mad House on the rooftop. The weather was perfect, the food Yuki-san prepared was terrific, the animation was very entertaining and the people I met there was very accommodating.

At around 5am, I went back to the station and got my things inside the coin locker and headed to the train  going to Okayama for the Setouchi International Art Festival. 🙂


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