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August 1, 2010 / blissmarket

Mori Art Museum in Tokyo: Sensing Nature and MAM Projects

“Sensing Nature” in MORI Art Museum was a nice way to spent the night last July 23. I was really fascinated how Japanese People embrace art as part of their lives. Museums and Galleries are scattered along Tokyo and other cities in Japan, they cater to different kinds of art pieces and collections and even audiences. The Government and Private Institutions really support and funds art projects and other cultural ideas. Mori Tower, which is located in Roponggi, Tokyo, it was an interesting place, its a mixture of everything in order to attract the public to go there. Its really a balance of (contemporary) art and (modern) society.

The Sensing Nature Exhibition was a very serene experience for me. The artworks are loud in terms of sizes… maybe it was intended to be that way, in order for the audiences to really feel the sense of what the exhibition is all about. Two artists really caught my attention that time… I think I am now a fan of Takashi Kuribayashi ( . I saw one of his works in Towada Art Center and seeing another massive work from him was really an awesome experience. I like the way he dealt with layers, revelations and his ability two use multi-spaces.

Another Japanese Artist that I am fascinated with his work was Yoshioka Tokujin. He is can be a good inspiration to a lot of contemporary artists and designers.  I think you should check out his website for more information about him and his works. 🙂

Another part of Mori Art Museum’s Exhibited works are from the MAM Projects. A group of artists called the “Tromarama” from Bandung, Indonesia that do stop-motion-animation of buttons, cups and saucers and even a rubber cut animation (as seen on these photos) are really very engaging. superb patience and planning! 🙂

Check out their works here…

For other updates, check out MORI ART MUSEUM’s website.


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