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July 29, 2010 / blissmarket

Tokyo Experience 02: The Curatorial Exchange at the Japan Foundation

Last July 22 and 23 we had a co-curatorial project meeting at the Japan Foundation. The 1st day was the presentation of each Jenesys Programme Curators from different countries. I represented the Philippines as an Artist and Independent Curator, and also met Michelle HO (Assistant Curator of the Singapore Art Museum), Nivedita MAGAR (Independent Curator in Bombay, India), ONG Zhen Min (Assistant Curator, The National Art Gallery in Singapore), Leigh ROBB (Curator, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art in Australia), Simon SOON ( Curator/Writer/Art Activist in Malaysia), Farah WARDHANI (Executive Director of Indonesian Visual Art Archive or IVAA) and Passapak “Peam” KLOMSAKUL (Director of Supernormal Studio co., Ltd. in Thailand). I also met some of the Japanese Curators who took their time in listening to us and helping us form what we needed to discuss for the Jenesys Programme. The Japanese Curators are, CHE Kyongfa (Independent Curator), HASHIMOTO Azusa (Assistant Curator of the National Museum of Art in Osaka), HIRAYOSHI Yukihiro (Associate Professor of Museum and Archive in Kyoto Institue of Technology), Shihoko San 🙂 , KUROSE Yohei (Curator , Chaos Lounge 2010 Committee), MIWA Tenjin (Assistant Curator, The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo), YABUMAE Tomoko (Curator, Museum of COntemporary Art in Tokyo),  KAMIYA Yukie (Chief Curator, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art), and also from the Japan Foundation, SUSAKI Masaru (Managing Director of Arts and Culture Department), ITO Masanobu (Director, Visual Arts Section of Arts and Culture Department), FURUICHI Yasuko (Exhibition Coordinator, Visual Arts Department of Arts and Culture Department), HOASHI Aki and YAMADA Etsuko (Coordinators, Visual Arts Department of Arts and Culture Department).

The meeting was productive. The Hot weather of Tokyo didn’t stopped us from our goal… Well, almost. hehehe. We managed to keep sane despite the prickling temperature of Tokyo. Feels like home though.

It was a pleasure meeting all of them and  I’m looking forward to seeing them all again soon. 😉

Padayon! (Charge!)


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