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July 18, 2010 / blissmarket

My Japanese Family

During my first few days here in Japan, I always stayed in my room, but  I also talked to some colleagues here and partied with some new found friends here in Aomori. I had fascinating trips with Hiro San, Tohru San and Joe and Yuki San. But meeting Tadasu San and his Family and Tomo San, Teiko San’s husband… made a big difference on my stay here in Japan. I think I found my Japanese Family here in Aomori. 🙂

Being away for the first time with my Family in the Philippines is a very hard experience. But Tadasu San and his Family, Teiko San and Tomo San made it easier for me.

Yesterday we celebrated my post birthday with a sushi Party. Teiko San and Tomo San invited us, Tadasu San and his Family and Satoshi and Kudou for a dinner celebration of my birthday. It was a very unique experience for me, this made my day. I remembered my family in the Philippines every time we celebrate occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It’s an intimate gathering, a peaceful engaging of memories and happiness. Its a celebration worth remembering, with great food, great people and great drinks! 🙂

We had a sushi and barbeque, scallops, sake (dried salmon) and many more. We also had a freshly baked cake. When they sang to me Happy Birthday, I was really trying my best not to drop a single tear from my eyes. hehehe. I think I was emotional last night but fortunately I didn’t expressed it too much. I’m not sure if what will they think if they will saw a man crying because of a happy birthday song. 😉 I just really missed my family in the Philippines, and thanks to my family here in Aomori, I was not alone. 🙂


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