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July 18, 2010 / blissmarket

My Brief Presentation at Aomori Koritsu Daigaku

Koritsu Daigaku is Public College.

Last July 13 I had a brief presentation at Aomori Public College for Ms. Yuki Kondo’s class for Art and Society. I had a great time. Tadasu San and Teiko San also went there to support me and also to listen on my presentation. I prepared 4 parts… first part is all about the Philippines,from people, food, festivals to the visual arts. Notable artists and their works. Part two is all about Tutok, the art group that I belong to in the Philippines. Part three is all about my work as a visual artist and Part four are my video works. 😉

Sad part was, I only get to finished 2 parts. Maybe I Prepared a lot for the alloted time or maybe I just talked slow or I needed more time. But everything was great. Its really nice talking about your country of origin and your works and the works of those you look up to, 🙂

One funny thing is that I tried telling them a joke about how the horses in Baguio City, Philippines was influenced by a lot of Japanese Manga and Anime characters because of their colored hairs. I think I was the only one who laughed. hehehe. 😉

Hope to do this again. Pilipinas represent! 😉


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