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July 16, 2010 / blissmarket

One with Earth

The earth and me are one. We partied the whole day as I dig her from the roots of the lovely, now… Bald tree. Its for the recent art project of Tadasu San for Aomori Contemporary Art Centre: Platform 2. One of the art projects that is very exciting to see. I am very much thankful for being a part of it. It was not my usual day in the Philippines, especially that today is my birthday. I am not used to getting myself embrace earth like this. I am not the type of person that says hello to insects with a smile. I sleep when I get tired and feel Lazy.

Well I am not in the Philippines… and I am not getting any younger. I will not waste my time sleeping here in this lovely City. 🙂

Today I celebrated my day by being one with the Earth. I said my peace to the ants, termites, bees, crickets, and to other insects I am not familiar with. I kissed the earth and held her to my hands, face and body. I smelled her aroma and tasted her tears from the sky. The earth smiled at me today saying… “Happy Birthday J., remember me?,” I answered.. “yes, can you please be softer today, its my birthday remember?.”

And so she did… and we finished with a fried feast. 🙂

Tommorrow, my Japanese Family will celebrate with me. We will eat food, gifts from my old friend… the sea.

Sushi Party! Kanpai!


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  1. Juanita / Jul 18 2010 2:23 am

    I salute you my son! Tama ang ginawa mo. Spending time in nature nung araw ng birthday mo can be a wonderful source of inspiration. The natural world has an energy to it that can put you in touch with the deepest parts of yourself.Enjoy and be happy always. Love you son.

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