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July 14, 2010 / blissmarket

My Next Door Neighbor

Meet my fabulous next door neighbor. 🙂

Tadasu Takamine and his family. 🙂

Well actually they are my co-residents here in Aomori Contemporary Art Centre. Literally we are “Next Door” neighbors, because i’m in room 10 at ACAC’s residential hall and they are at room 06. 🙂

I will feature Tadasu San in my future blog, he is considered as one of the  established artist here in Japan and I am very much inspired from his works. I am currently part of his team for the artwork he is doing here in ACAC. Its a very meticulous project that involves nature.  I am very priviledged to get to know him and be his friend.  We talked a lot about many things and I’m really glad I have someone who I can talk to here. His daughters, Comon (4 yrs old) and Nio (2 years old) are very sweet and lovely, and his wife, Kwiweol Kim is very accommodating, friendly and very hospitable. He also have a cute son, Maori, who is only 2 months old.  🙂

As of now we are always busy because we are on the first phase of Tadasu San’s work. I will feature his project some other time. As of now, it’s top secret. hehehe. 😉


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