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July 10, 2010 / blissmarket

Day 09: Our trip to Towada

I had a great day with Hiro San and the Nadegata Instant Party Crew last July 08.  It’s easier to travel and observe Japan with someone who knows where to go. 🙂

During lunchtime we ate at a local noodle house here in Aomori then around 2pm we traveled to Towada Art Center. On the way there we stopped over a famous public bath but not to go in but only to take a break. The trip going to Towada and going back to ACAC made me a little bit dizzy.

Towada Art Center was a great experience. We also walked along the streets of  Towada to look for a coffee shop, but unfortunately we didn’t found any. Going back to ACAC we also stopped over a lake and a very beautiful bridge.

The trip was tiring but all worth it. 🙂

After the trip, I went back to the residence hall and Tadasu San and his Family, Teiko San and her husband was having dinner. They graciously offered me to have dinner with them and I did. 🙂 The meal was great! 🙂

*Pls. Click FULL SIZE to view image in actual proportion and size.


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