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July 8, 2010 / blissmarket

Towada Art Center

Yesterday We,  Hiro San and the Nadegata Instant Party, went to Towada Art Center. One of the newest Contemporary Art Center here in Japan. For more information about Towada Art Center, please visit their site.

Towada’s permanent collection was really amazing, it has a variety of artworks from different artists around the world and I’m really very fascinated to see them along the streets, not confined to walls… this shows how much respect the Japanese shows to these works of art. They let it breathe  in them that art is part of their culture and they have the responsibility to nurture it.

It was my first time to see some of the most established artists’ works, like Erwin Wurm, Ron Mueck, Yoko Ono, Noboru Tsubaki, Takashi Kuribayashi and Yayoi Kusama to name a few. I was very happy to see their amazing works in person and a lot of them dated since the 50’s and the 60’s.

Next time I will show you the Outdoor Sculptures here in ACAC, i haven’t really roam around the area, because some artworks are located inside the forest. Maybe in my Day off. 🙂

*Pls. Click FULL SIZE to view image in actual proportion and size.


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