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June 30, 2010 / blissmarket

Day 02: Aomori

After eating a SALAD(another 1st time for me) for Breakfast, went walking again to the Tokyo City Air Terminal to catch a bus(Airport Limousine) going to HANEDA Airport. I noticed that it is really very systematic here, very clean and you can see no traffic jam. You don’t even have to slow down to tolls, hi-tech! 🙂

Inside the Haneda Airport, every staff is very accommodating, at least those i have asked directions with. I ate lunch there, I bought a packed food whcih is decently delicious and a flavored water which was fine too. The JAL was like a Cebu Pacific Plane… well maybe because its for Domestic flight that is why the plane is just small.

After arriving in Aomori, I met Ms. Hinuma Teiko, one of the Curators of Aomori Contemporary Art Center (ACAC), Yesterday I met Ms. Aki Hoashi and Etsuko Yamada of the Japan Foundation, they were very accommodating and very friendly. I will meet them again by July for the Curatorial Exchange in Tokyo.

Here in Aomori i also met Naoko San, Nao San, K San, K San’s Partner(forgot her name) and the group behind the .

I’m really blessed being here. The people, the place and food are all very nice. I will still post pictures next time, especially the photos of the people i meet. 🙂

After Ms. Hinuma briefed me and helped me with my ways here in Aomori, I made myself comfortable for the night. Tommorrow will be the start of my Curatorial experience here in ACAC. I hope i wont mess things up.

*Pls. Click FULL SIZE to view image in actual proportion and size.


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